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(100) Page 88 - Lament of Wallace
^fter the Battle of Falkirk. 1299.
Air_Maids of Arrochar.
ne— vex brincr plea-sure a_gain; My bra"! c Ca_ le _ don _ tarn lie low- nn the
r i m r r<
^ Pi
■t^ r * ' \ 4 j—^ .
base- heart — cd trcach 1 - ry has doom'd our on — do _ ing'J My poor bleed _il)g'
I'" i '
N fc.
iU-ii^i-rq-^ ^ ^
[Ollll - 'ry, what more can 1 do? F/\'n va _ lour looks pal
red field ol ni -in, And free — dom ]>c -holds lier best warriors laid low;
Farewell, ye dear partners of peril, farewell.
Tlio' buried ye lie in one wide bloody grave,
Your deeds shall ennoble tTie plaee where yoti b II,
And yoxir names be enroll d with the sons of the bravj
Rut I, a poor outcast, in exile must wander;
Perhaps, like a traitor ionohlv mttst die;
1 ■
On thy WTongs, O my Country, indignant T ponder;
Ah! woe to the hour when thv Wallace most lly.

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