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Bor—eas «i 1 his blasts sac hauld, Was thrcat'—iuiiy a ' " ur ky *i> kill. Then
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Bell my wife, wha ln'es na strife. She said to me, right — ti — ly, Get
&:.n-r \ fn^t u ty Uifl-H p
"Vi gudeman, save Cromies lile. And tak your auld cloak a_boiit ye.

My Cromie* is a useful cuw,
And she is come of a good kync;
Oft has she wet the bairns' mou.
And I am laith that she should tyne;
Get up, gvdeman, it is fou time.
The sttn shines in the lift sae hie;
Sloth never made a gracious end,
Gae tak yonr auld cloak about ye.
Every land has its ain laugh j
Ilk kind of corn it has its hool,^
I think the warld is a' run wrang,
When ilka wife her man wad rule;
Do ye not see Rob, Jock, and Halt,.
Aff they are girdeVl gallantly,
While I sit hurkling in tlie a.scf
III hi'c a new cloak about me.
My cloak was ance a gfood grey cloak,
When it was fitting 1 for my wear;
But now its scantly worth a groat,
For I have worn't this thirty year;
Let's spend the gear that we have won,
We little ken the day we'll die;
Then 111 be proud, since I have sworn,
To ha'e a new cloak about me.
-In days when our King Robert rang,
His trews they cost but half a crown;
He said they, were a groat o'er dear,
And ca'd the taylor thief and loun.
He was the king that wore a crown,
And thou the man of laigh degree;
Tis pride puts a' the country down,
Sae tak thy auld clo^k about ye;
Goodman, I wat 'tis thirty years
Since we did ane anither ken;
And we ha'e had, between us twa
Of lads and bonny lasses ten;
Now they are women grown and men,
I wish and pr^y well may they he;
And if you prove a good husband,
Ken tak your auld cloak about ye.
Bell my wife, she lo'es na strife,
But she Wad guide me, if she can,
And to maintain an easy life,
I aft maun yield, tho' Im gudeman:
Nought's to be won at woman's hand.
Unless ye gi'e her a 1 the plea;
Then 111 leave aff whare I began.
And tak mv auld cloak about m < .

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