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WO MA jr.
j- j-f r p
O' might _iy. na _ tures hanl_dy_ warks, Tlie (ura'-mnii,
j^=f=^4l n N 4 *^M^
PI r* B
a .1 J =F==
trokc-s, FVae daw_ in m the g , loam'_ in, The !ar_ mors paiifs , tlir
mcr _ chant's gains, Arc liaifli to please a Wo _ man
The Sailor spreads the- daring sail,
Tlitf.' angry seas a foaming;
The jewels, gems n» foreign shores,
Ho gies, to please a Woman.
TJ10 Sodgcr l;o'lit s o'er crimson fields,
In distant climates roaming;
Yt» lays,wi' pride, iiis laurels down,
Before all— conquering Woman.
A Monarch Ica'cs his golden throne,
Wi' other men in common,
He flings aside his crown, ami km < !<.
A subject to a Woman.
The' I had a* cer man possess <1,
Barbarian, Greek or Roman;
It wad nae a' he worth » strae,
Without my goddess.* Woman'-,

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