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O far, far frae hamc, frae liamc, T wad be; It's far, far fra<
hamc, to a strange
conn _ trie; To tar _ ry bnt a
pi m
r i
turn speed—i—Iie, And bring- back the hon_ny lad to Ins am ronn_trie.
f QT^gg^^^
O doukit be the Dntch in their ain sleepy sea,
^Cadogfan and all such, wherever they may be;
Wae worth the volunteers, and shame to them be,
That wad fig-ht against their Prince in his ain cotintrie.
Blest be our royal King-, from dang-er keep him free,
When heconuners all his foes that oppose his majesty;
And bless ihoriuke of Mar, and all his cavalry,
"Wha first began the war for the King- and our coiintrie .
The Quaker's wife.
m i i^ p
Mer_ri_lie dancd the Quakers Wife, And merrilie dancd the Quaker;
J'Jj I mm
i.jU'J ■
• •
Mcr_ri_lie dane'd the Qua_ker's Wife, And mer_ri_lie dane'd the Qua_ker. The

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