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> ^
Ik rlio lot ol
hap _ py
That wish the boat
It S|K'<<! .
« V
1 »
pg=g f. ' [, If. 'f. fr=^
hap _ |iy he the hi* of a* That wish the boat _ ic
When Jamie vowel he wad he- mine,
And wan frac mc my heart',
()mi(klc lighter grew my creel •
He swore we'd never part .
The boatie rows , the boatie- rows,
The boatie rows fir' weel ;
And mi< klc lighter is the load,
When love bears up the creel.
M\ kurtch I put nj>o' my head.
And dressd myscl' fit' hraw*
Rut, rfowic, dowie was my heart
Wlien Jamie gae'J awa.
But weel max the boatie row," r
And lucky Vic her -part ;
And lightsome be tlie lassie's ear' ,
That yields an honest heart.
When Sandy, Joe k, an' Jane tic.
Arc Tip an ? gotten lear.
They'll help to g-ar the boatie row ,
And lighten a' our care .
The boatie rows, the boatie xows,
The boatie rows fu' wecl'i '
Anef lightsome be her heart, th;rt bears
The murlain an' the creel .
When we arc aulel, and sair bow d down.
And hirplin' at the door,-
Thcy'll row, te> keep u"s dry an' warm,
As we did them before .
Then weel rnay tlie boatie row,
And better may it speed J
And happy be the lot of a'
That Wish the boatie speed.

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