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On liill of- care thou art a-lonc,Tlie surriiw round thee flow-in" 1 Oil
## ^M
hou_lit flits a_mang thy ha's, And wild birds __ there arc scream _in\
Oh! mourn the woe, oh mourn the crime^ From civil 'war that flows; Oh.
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mourn Ar-gyle, thy fal_lcn line, And mourn the great Mon_trosc.
Here ladies bricht were aitcn seen,
- Here valient warriors trod?...
And Jierc great Knox lias often been,
Who fcar'd nought but his God!
But a' are g-ane. the guid, the great,
And naething- now remains,
But ruin sittin on thy wA,
And crumblin dounc the statics.
Oh. mourn the woe, Szc.
The lofty Ochills bricht did glow,
Xbo' slc-eiiin 1 was the sun;
But morninV licht did sadly show
What rag-in 1 flames liad done!
Oh mirk, mirk, was the misty cloud,
That hang's oVr thy wild wood;
Thou wert like beauty in a shroud
And all was solitude.
Ohl mourn the woe, ire .
It is worthy of remark that the name of the hill on which the picturesque ruins of the. Castle stand,
tignifys in Gaelic the hill of Care. the burn of Sorrow murmnrs armtjnd it; and the village r ,
of Dollar lies at the foot of the glen.

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