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Col Oh my Charmer ! you fee what Shapes Love makes us
put on.
Betty. I cannot imagine what you mean !
Col. You may remember my Face; my Voice, fare, cannot
be quite a Stranger : Since that Morning I fet you down at
this Gate, your beautiful. Image only has fillM my Mind;
what an Impreffion it made upon me, let this Transformatioo
AIR XXV. Bonny Jean.
Rof. In a m'tfly Morning the Shepherds gaze^
When the ruddy Sun in the Welkin isfeen ;
T'he Vapours now rtfing^ the Meadows o'er-pafs^
And fwiftty feud o' er the fzveet dewy Green.
So when the fond Lover his fair One ejpies,
The Clouds that ohfcur^d him are fuddenly gone \
And now we hehdd^ with Delight and Surprize^
Toung Colin the Lover, not Colin the Clows!
Rof. But what do you propofe by this ?
Col. To Admire, to Serve, to Love, to make it the whole
Bulinefs of my Life to Adore
IThrows himfelf at Betty V Feet.
Enter Sir Nicholas.
^/> Nich. Hey-day ! what, worftiipping of Graven Imaged,
Colinl Why, Sir, methinks it wou'd become you much better
to think of planting Cabbages than Men. What wou*d you

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