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(23) Page 9 - Sawny was tall, &c

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(23) Page 9 - Sawny was tall, &c
Aai. the VILLAQU OPfeRA. ^
Brujb. Ay, Sir, (he is juft fo; and if I had Words like you,
I cou'd tell you (he is
Col. Enough! take particular Care as I havexiireded you,
that every thing be ready at Twelve this Evening.
Brup. But where are we lo take up Mi.Heartwell} He goes
w'th us, it Teems ?
Coi. I am to let him in at the Gate which opens into the
Road from the Vineyard : Heartvjell has given Rojeila ilotice,
and flie and Betty will be pundtual.
Brujh. Ay, 1 warrant. Sir, the Ladies will be pundual.
Col. Be you fo too; remember all your Materials, the Lad-
der of Ropes, the dark Lanthorn, and eviety thing neceflary
for an Elopement.
Brup.^ Dear Sir, do you think I wou'd Undertake an Affair
of this kind without my Tools? depend upon me, Sir; and iince
I am to conduS this Biifitiefs
Col. You prate too much, I think.
Bru[h. Lord, Sir, the beft General in the Worlds can never
(how himfelf but in Action or in Words.
CitL Away! 1 hear old L«r^/; aWay! [£;^/V Brulh.
Colin ahne.
The little Tyrant who has poiTeffion of me, is abfolute too;
where-ever fhe appears, the approaching Moments promife me
joys 1 never knew before; at the fame time that I oblige my
Friend, I (hall converfe with my little Ertchaiitrefs^ talk to her,
look into her Eyes, her Heart, examine of what Materials that
beautiful living Luftre is compofed. Oh, the dear Hope 1
AIR. IX, iS'^ty^y Was tall, b'i-.
Hope., thou NjiTJe of your.g D^efire.^
Fairy , Promife r of yoy,
B^eameotis Proffe^, Glow-worm Fire^
" Delight ing^ fsn'cr k^ovjnjQ-sloy. ^ fHxd

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