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(17) Page 3 - Cloe be wise, &c

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(17) Page 3 - Cloe be wise, &c
AIR II. Cloe be wife, '<^c.
IVhen I the hloQmwg Maid draw nigh^
Like tht delufive Plant ^ the Fair
Shrinks back^ does my Embraces fly^
And leaves her Colin to defpair,
Luc. I will tell thee, C7o//>, fhe has been raifed in a hot Bed;
flie is delicate and tender, not fit for ihee. Thefe Chamber-
Maids, thefe Half- Gentlewomen, make the oddeft Wives whea
they fall into the hands of a plain Countryman, and that they
feldom do 'till the Bloom is quite gone; like our fine Fruit,
when they have withftood the Market, they either fall into the
Hands of Higlers, or come back to us again.— It is mighty pret-
ty tho' to be in Love; when I was young, I remember Dolly
Mayfly laid hold of my Heart, we tugg'd for it a good v/hile :
— She was aliafb might have fliewn her Head on a Holiday with
the beft of 'em.
AIR III. The Logan Water.
N T ^,
k ^mm ^
My Dolly was the Snow-drop fair ^
Curling Endive was her Hair ;
^he fragrant Jejfamine^ her Breathy
White Kidney-Beans^ her even "Teethe
B i

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