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The Solemn League and Covenant
Cam whigging up the hill, man ;
Thocht Highland trews durst not refuse
For to subscribe their bill, then :
In Willie's name, they thocht nae ane
Durst stop their course at a', man ;
But Her-nain-sell, wi' mony a knock,
Cried, Furich, Whigs, awa', man.
Sir Evan Dhu, 1 and his men true,
Cam linking up the brink, man ;
The Hogan Dutch, they feared such,
They bred a horrid stink, then.
The true MacLean, and his fierce men,
Cam in amang them a', man ;
Nane durst withstand his heavy hand ;
A' fled and ran awa', then.
Och on a righ ! och on a righ !
Why should she lose King Shames, man ?
Och rig in di ! och rig in di !
She shall break a' her banes, then ;
With furichinich, and stay a while,
And speak a word or twa, man ;
She 's gie ye a straik out ower the neck,
Before ye win awa', then.
Oh, fie for shame, ye 're three for ane !
Her-nain-sell' s won the day, man.
King Shames' red-coats should be hung up,
Because they ran awa', then. 2
1 Sir Evan Cameron of Lochiel.
2 The author appears here to allude to the general conduct of King
James's army in the crisis of the Revolution.

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