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My dear and only love, I pray
That little world of thee
Be govern'd by no other sway
But purest monarchy ;
For if confusion have a part,
Which virtuous souls abhor,
I '11 call a synod in my hearty
And never love thee more.
As Alexander I will reign,
And I will reign alone ;
My thoughts did evermore disdain
A rival on my throne.
He either fears his fate too much,
Or his deserts are small,
Who dares not put it to the touch,
To gain or lose it all.
But I will reign, and govern still,
And always give the law,
And have each subject at my will,
And all to stand in awe :
But 'gainst my batt'ries, if I find
Thou storm, or vex me sore,
As if thou set me as a blind,
I '11 never love thee more.
A.nd in the empire of thy heart,
Where I should solely be,
If others do pretend a part,
Or dare to share with me ;
Or committees if thou erect,
Or go on such a score,
I '11 smiling mock at thy neglect,
And never love thee more.

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