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He gain'd the love o' ladies gay,
Nane e'er to him was coy :
Ah, wae is me ! I mourn the day,
For my dear Gilderoy.
My Gilderoy and I were horn
Baith in ae town thegither ;
We scant were seven years "before
We 'gan to love each other.
Our daddies and our mammies, they
Were fill'd with meikle joy,
To think upon the bridal-day
'Twixt me and Gilderoy.
For Gilderoy, that luve of mine,
Gude faith, I freely bought
A wedding-sark of Holland fine,
Wi' silken flowers wrought ;
And he gied me a wedding-ring,
Which I received with joy :
Nae lad nor lassie e'er could sing
Like me and Gilderoy.
Wi' meikle joy we spent our prime
Till we were baith sixteen ;
And aft we pass'd the langsome time
Amang the leaves sae green :
Aft on the banks we 'd sit us there,
And sweetly kiss and toy ;
Wi' garlands gay wad deck my hair,
My handsome Gilderoy.
Oh, that he still had been content
Wi' me to lead his life !
But, ah, his manfu' heart was bent
To stir in feats of strife ;

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