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assemblage of the best Scotch songs with the music, under the
title of Orpheus Caledonius, the first volume of which was dedi-
cated to the Queen, and the second to the Duchess of Hamilton.
Lady playing on Spinet, with Violoncello Accompaniment. — From a
volume entitled Music for Tea-table Miscellany, published by
Allan Ramsay.
During the sixty years following upon the publication of The
Tea-table Miscellany, the repeated editions of that collection and
the appearance of several others, particularly the ample one of
Mr David Herd, attested the continued esteem of all classes for
the national songs of Scotland. In that time, we find many
capital songs produced, some of them by persons of elevated
station ; as, for example, Sir Gilbert Elliot, Miss Jean Elliot, and
Lady Anne Lindsay. Others expressing the feelings of a portion
of the community for the cause of the Stuart family, were thrown
into the general stock, and not a little to its enrichment, as, some-
how, what stood ill with the parliamentary senate of Great

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