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But â– wndenieth aiie Gallow Tree,
Where they doe ly deservedly.
They brock God's Lawes, for he commands
To pray for all with wplift hands ;
Yet they refusd to pray for him
That was y'' Soveraigne and y"^ King :
Bot still for Truth, It is contended.
There life and youth was falsly ended.
Wliat could the judges then doe less
Then find them guilty by Express
Lawes, made against who would not owne
There Liedge Lord, nor suport his Throne,
Bot ray'', as the vsd his Father,
Would tane his head off from his shoulder.
Asyssers never are to blame,
WTien cleer probatione proves the cryme.
Bot he that did these men delate,
I count a Villaine and a cheat,
And should repent if he be liveing,
Or else he'll never be forgiven.
The tyme was short I dont deney,
Bot they y* Soveraigne power defy.
Most be cutt off like corrujit member,
Least y* the body all should ganger.
It was not cruelty but right reasone,
To stop y'' mouthes from speaking treasoun.
Least these poor men, soe neer to die,
Should goe to grave even with a lie.
In y'' right hand, and y''by sine the more,
Instade of praying for what they aught Imjalore.
For Guiltless bloodshade y'' is cause to murne,
Off y' our Royall Soveraigne every morne,
Which cryes to Heaven to judge his righteous cause,
Who was condemnd to die gainst all the Lawes
Divine and humaine. I could [njever read
That members shoiild rj^se up against the Head.

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