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Or doth the holy Ghost in us inspire,
More then the Law and Gospel doth require ?
The Father hath prescriv'd to us a Law,
To keep us in obedience and aw :
And Christ his Son our Saviour, did provide us
His glorious Gospel always for to guide us :
The holy Ghost doth from them both proceed,
To guard us from our sins in time of need.
If we transgress the Law of God the Father,
Then neither grace nor comfort can we gather.
If we believe not in his only Son,
Then our belief is doubtlessly undone ;
And if we breath not of the holy Ghost,
Then is our labour all our life-time lost :
But Gods Commandments your Kirk reverses,
Some she conjoins, and others she disperses ;
She trusts in Saints and Angels many one,
And should trust in the Trinity alone :
Wlierefore Gods holy Sp'rit can nev'r attend her.
Nor in distress or danger ev'r defend her.
And though she reign a while in pompe and pride,
I hope in God, my good and gracious guide.
To her the true Religion hee'l advance,
Ere long, and bring her out of ignorance,
Wlierein she hath these many hundreth years
Lyen wilfully, which manifest appears.
By her unwillingnesse from thence to part.
She is so obdurate, and hard of heart ;
So that except God by his mighty hand.
Her power, her pride, and cruelty withstand.
And force her from her filthinesse to flie,
Of errors great, and gross idolatrie :
So if she follow not Christs true instruction,
I fear her final dangerous destruction :
Which God forbid : I hope in his own time,
Hee'l both forgive, and purge her of all crime.
Heard ever ye. Sir John, a purpose quicker,

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