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(234) Page 218 - My spouse Nancy
She has an ee, she has but ane,
The cat has twa the very colour ;
Five rusty teeth forbye a stump,
A clapper tongue wad deave a miller ;
A whiskin beard about her mou',
Her nose and chin they threaten ither.
Sic a wife, &c.
She's bow-hough'd, she's hein-shinn'd,
Ae limpin leg a hand-breed shorter ;
She's twisted right, she's twisted left,
To balance fair in ilka quarter ;
She has a hump upon her breast,
The twin o' that upon her shouther.
Sic a wife, &c.
Auld baudrans by the ingle sits.
An' wi' her loof her face a-washin ;
But Willie's wife is nae sae trig.
She dights her grunzie wi' a hushion ;
Her walie nieves like midden-creels,
Her face wad fyle the Logan-water.
Sic a wife as Willie had,
I wadna gi'e a button for her.
Burns. Air—" My jo Janet."
Husband, husband, cease your strife,
Nor longer idly rave, sir ;
Though I am your wedded wife.
Yet I am not your slave, sir.
" One of two must still obey,
Nancy, Nancy ;
Is it man or woman, say.
My spouse Nancy?"

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