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The shepherd thus sung : " Though young Maddie be fan-,
Her beauty is dash'd by a scornfu' proud air ;
But Susie was handsome, and sweetly could sing, —
Her breath's like the breezes perfumed i' the spring.
That Maddie, in all the gay bloom of her youth,
Like the moon, was inconstant, and never spoke truth ;
But Susie was faithful, good-humoured, and free.
And fair as the goddess that sprung from the sea.
That mamma's fine daughter, with all her great dower,
Was awkwardly airy, and frequently sour."
Then sighing, he wish'd, would but parents agree,
The witty sweet Susie his mistress might be.
Allan Ramsay founded this song upon a much older composition — of itself not
devoid of merit, and free from the concetti of its more modern namesake. It was
inserted in his " Tea-Tahle Miscellany," and is here appended.
The yellow-hair'd laddie sat down on yon brae,
Crying, " Milk the ewes, lassie ; let nane o' them gae,"
And aye as she milkit she meri'ily sang,
The yellow-hair'd laddie shall be my gudeman.
The weather is cauld and my cleadin' is thin, ;
The yowes are new-clipt and they wmna bught in ;
They winna bught in, although I should dee,
O yellow-hair'd laddie, be kind unto me !
The gudewife cries butt the house, " Jennie, come ben ;
The cheese is to mak and the butter's to kirn."
Though butter and cheese and a' should gang sour,
I'll crack and I'll kiss wi' my love a half-hour.
It's ae lang half-hour, and we'll e'en mak it three,
For the yellow-hair'd laddie my gudeman shall be.
Air—" The yellow-hair'd laddie." From the " Tea-Table Miscellany.'
On Whitsunday morning
I went to the fair ;
My yellow-hair'd laddie
Was selling his ware ;
He gied me sic a blythe blink
With his bonny black ee,
And a dear blink and a fair blink
It was unto me.

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