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My Nelly, let never sic fancies oppress ye ;
For while my blood's warm I'll kindly caress ye :
Your saft blooming beauties first kindled love's fire,
Your virtue and wit mak' it aye flame the higher.
Leave thee, leave thee ! I'll never leave thee.
Gang the warld as it will, dearest, believe me !
Then, Johnny, I frankly this minute allow ye
To think me your mistress, for love gars me trow ye ;
And gin ye prove false, to yoursel' be it said then,
Ye win but sma' honour to wi-ang a puir maiden.
Reave me, reave me, oh, it would reave me
Of my rest night and day, if you deceive me !
Bid ice-shogles hammer red gauds on the studdy,
And fair summer mornings nae mair appear ruddy ;
Bid Britons think ae gate, and when they obey thee,
But never till that time, believe I'll betray thee.
Leave thee, leave thee ! I'll never leave thee ;
The starns shall gae withershins ere I deceive thee.
Allan Eamsay.
Farewell to Lochaber, farewell to my Jean,
Where heartsome wi' her I ha'e mony a day been ;
To Lochaber no more, to Lochaber no more.
We'll maybe return to Lochaber no more !
These tears that I shed, they're a' for my dear,
And no for the dangers attending on weir ;
Though borne on rough seas to a far bloody shore.
Maybe to return to Lochaber no more !
Though hurricanes rise, though rise every wind,
No tempest can equal the storm in my mind ;
Though loudest of thunders on louder waves roar,
That's naething like leavin' my love on the shore.

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