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But since that nothing can prevail.
And all hope is in vain.
From these dejected eyes of mine
Still showers of tears shall rain ;
And though thou hast me now forgot,
Yet I'll continue thine,
And ne'er forget for to reflect
On old long syne.
If e'er I have a house, my dear,
That truly is call'd mine,
And can afford but country cheer,
Or aught that's good therein ;
Though thou wert rebel to the king,
And beat with wind and rain,
Assure thyself of welcome, love.
For old long syne.
My soul is ravish'd with delight
When you I think upon ;
All griefs and sorrows take their flight,
And hastily are gone ;
The fair resemblance of your face
So fills this breast of mine.
No fate nor force can it displace
For old long syne.
Since thoughts of you do banish grief,
When I'm from you removed,
And if in them I find relief
When with sad cares I'm moved.
How doth your presence me affect
With ecstasies divine.
Especially when I reflect
On old long syne !
Since thou hast robb'd me of my heart.
By those resistless powers
Which Madam Nature doth impart
To those fair eyes of yours,

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