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give offence, with perhaps some hankerings after
praise, prevailed over his better judgement. He
had not the fortitude to say No. It is to be re-
gretted that his efforts to get rid of company were
fruitless, and impaired his happiness. The frivo-
lous and the vain are ever the readiest to obtrude
themselves upon the company, and to waste the
time of men distinguished in any walk of literature
or of life.
By way of compensation, it may be mentioned,
that in a solitary walk our author had his musings
interrupted by the voice of a country girl, who, on
his approaching nearer the spot, was singing a
song of his own,
6C We'll meet beside the dusky glen, on yon bum
This he said, was the sweetest and most delightful
moment of his life. It was an elegant compliment
paid him by accident, and a pledge of the rising
popularity of his songs.
Our author was of rather a delicate make, and
had a weak state of lungs, which prevented him
from plaj/ing upon wind instruments. The attempt

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