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jest aside,
. I felt a glow, a secret pride,
Thus to be roos'd by one like you,
Yet doubted if sic praise was due,
Till self thus reason'd on the matter :
Ye know that Robin scorns to flatter,
And ere he'd prostitute his quill
He'd rather burn his rhyming mill-
Enough ! I cried — I've gain'd my end,
Since I have pleas'd my rhyming friend.'*
His knowledge was almost exclusively confined
to poetry. Various attempts were made to direct
his studies to history, biography, and general sub-
jects, but he could not for any length of time fix
his attention to these.
His mind always recurred to his darling pur-
suit, where his associations were ever pleasing*
His imagination delighted to wander in the fields,
and contemplate the prospects which fancy formed
or embellished. He was there always finding
something that amused, or which might be con-
verted to the improvement of his taste and com-*
positions. It is this illusion, and similar associa-
tions, that afford to every one who enthusiastically

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