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he would thereby have considerably improved his
pecuniary circumstances
Reluctance to change situation was increased
by habits of filial affection. This trait in our au-
thor's character was peculiarly amiable. He con-
sidered attention to his mother as a debt of grati-
tude* and his feelings were strongly interested by
her widowed situation. The attachment increased
by intercourse, and revolving years saw his atten-
tions and affections more strikingly displayed to
one who procured esteem from the worth of her
character, and who has now to bewail the want of
that respect which he so assiduously and tenderly
paid. Nothing can more interest the reader in
our author than his unwearied regard to his sur-
viving parent. The admirers of his genius will
contemplate with pleasure this instance of moral
worth, and others may be led to imitate this example
of domestic affection.
The friendliness of his disposition was re-
warded by the attachment of his acquaintance, who
speak of him with warm regard, and seem to che-
rish his remembrance with a degree of fondness
that can only arise from having found in him the
valuable qualities of a sound Jtaead and a good heart.

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