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Ae, one
Aboon, above
Afore, before
Aft, often
Aften, often
Ahint, behind
Aik, oak
Ain, own [in hiring
Airl-penny, a coin given as earnest
Airt, direction
Awe, ajar
Alowe, in a flame
Among, among
-<ln, if
^Ince, once
Anither, another
Ase, ashes
vliiccen, between
Aucht, eight
■*4«kJ, old
Auld faurent, old fashioned
^ti/a, at all
Awa', away
Awmry, pantry
Aiums, alms
Ayont, beyond
Bairn, a child
Bairns, children
Baith, both
Bauld. bold
-Bau;tancf , a horse or cow having a
white spot on its forehead
Bein, comfortable
Beld, bald
Ben— see But and ben
Besom, hearth -brush
Bicker, drinking vessel
Bield, shelter, refuge, protection
Bigging, building
Bike, wild bees' hive
Bing'd, curtseyed
Birr, spirit
Birrled, tossed
Blate, bashful
Blaw, blow
Bleare'ed, dim eyed
Blear 't, bedimmed
Bleezing, blazing
Bleth'rin, talking idly
Blink, a little while, a smiling look,
to look kindly, one sight
Blinkin', smirking
Bluid, blood [tiful
Bonnie, or Bonny, handsome, beau-
Bodin', foretelling
Boortree, the elder tree
Bothy, a highland cottage
Brae, side of a hill
Braw, fine, handsome
Brawlie, perfectly, quite well
Bree, water in which meat has been
Breeks, breeches
Buchts, sheep pens
Buckle, marry
Busk, dress
Busket-braw. well dressed [ment
But and ben, outer and inner apart-
Buffy, chubby
Burnie, streamlet
But, without
Ca' , to call, to name, to drive
Callan, a boy
Caller, or Couler, fresh sound
Cam, come
Cannie, genfle, mild, dexterous
Cantie, or Canty, merry, cheerful
Carle, an old man
Carlie , little boy
Carline, a stout old woman
Carry the sky
Castock, the stalk of a cabbage
Cauld, cold
Chanter, part of a bagpipe
Chield, a young man
Clachan, village
Clankie. blow
Claise, or Claes, clothes
Claith, cloth
deed, clothe
Cleeks, hangs
Clout, to mend — Clout, a blow
Cluds, clouds
Clutha, Gaelic title of the Clyde
Cockernonie, dress cap worn by fe-
Coft, bought
Cog, a wooden dish
Coggie, a small sized wooden dish
Coom, coal dust
Coost, did cast
Carrie, a hollow in a hill,
Courin, shivering
Couthie, kind, loving
Cowrin', cowering
Cowt, colt
Cozie, snug
Crack, to converse
Crackin' , conversing
Cragie, a crag
Crap, crept
Craws, crows
Creel, a fishwife's basket
Creepie, a low stool
Crony, comrade
Croodle, to coo as a dove
Crouse, proud
Crummie, cow
Cuif, a blockhead, a ninny, a fool
Cuist, cast
X>a&, to peck as a bird
Daddie, a father
Daffing, funning, making sport
Daft, merry, giddy, foolish
Baud, lump
Dauner, walk slowly
Daur. dare
Baurna, dare not
Bawtie, a pet, a darling
Beave, deaf, to make a noise
Dee, die
Beeing, dying
Delve, dig
Dibbled, planted
Ding, knock, to push, to eclipse
Dinna, do not
Dochter, daughter
Doited, stupid
Dool, sorrow, grief
Doon, down
Douce, gentle, sober, wise, prudent
Douff, pithless
Doueely, quietly
Dour, stubborn
Dow, or Doo, a dove
Dowie, worn with grief, sleepy

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