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(200) Page 190 - Ewie wi' the crookit horn

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(200) Page 190 - Ewie wi' the crookit horn
Words by the Rev. John Skinner.
Stow with expression.
verse, I'd sound it forth as loud and fierce As ev - er pi-per's drone could blaw.
The ew - ie wi' the crook - it horn ! Wha had kent her might ha'e sworn
fe >7 P
— 17 —
—^ P^ — |
— h — fs-
— 1—
~* &JJC3
o «
- y ■■-
ewe wa3 nev - er horn Here - a - bout, nor
I never needed tar nor keil,
To mark her upo' hip or heel;
Her crookit hornie did as weel,
To ken her by amang them a'.
She never threaten'd scab nor rot,
But keepit aye her ain jog-trot ;
Baith to the fauld and to the cot,
Was never sweirt to lead nor ca\
Cauld nor hunger never dang her,
Wind nor weet could never wrang her ;
Ance she lay an ouk and langer
Furth aneath a wreath o' snaw.
Whan ither ewies lap the dyke,
And ate the kail for a' the tyke,
My ewie never play'd the like,
But tyc'd about the barn wa\
A better, or a thriftier beast
Nae honest man could weel ha'e wist;
For, silly thing, she never mist
To ha'e, ilk year, a lamb or twa.
The first she had I ga'e to Jock,
To be to him a kind o' stock ;
And now the laddie has a flock
O' mair nor thirty head ava.
I lookit aye at even for her,
Lest mischanter should come o'er her,
Or the foumart might devour her,
Gin the beastie bade awa'.
My ewie wi' the crookit horn,
Weel deserv'd baith gerse and corn ;
Sic a ewe was never born,
Hereabout, or far awa'.
Yet, last ouk, for a' my keeping,
(Wha can speak it without greeting?)
A villain cam', when I was sleeping,
Sta' my ewie, horn and a'.
I sought her sair upo' the morn ;
And down aneath a buss o' thorn,
I got my ewie's crookit horn,
But my ewie was awa'.
! gin I had the loon that did it,
Sworn I have, as weel as said it,
Though a' the warld should forbid it,
I wad gi'e his neck a thraw.
1 never met wi' sic a turn
As this, sin' ever I was born ;
My ewie wi' the crookit horn,
Silly ewie, stown awa'.

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