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(191) Page 181 - Ca' the ewes to the knowes

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(191) Page 181 - Ca' the ewes to the knowes
The father was steel, and the the mother was stone ;
They lifted the latch, and they bade him begone ;
But loud on the morrow their wail and their cry !
He had laugh'd on the lass with his bonnie black eye,
And she fled to the forest to hear a love-tale,
And the youth it was told by was Allen-a-Dale.
y, with great expression.
the ewes to
the knowes, Ca' them whaur the heath - er grows, Ca' them
whaurthe burn-ie rows, My bon - nie dear - ie. 'Twas in the bon - nie
month o' June, When the woods a - bout us hung; When a' the
flow'rswere in their bloom, The night - in - gale sang clear - ly.
Will ye gang down the water side,
And see the waves sae sweetly glide ?
Beneath the hazels spreading wide,
The moon it shines fu' clearly.
Ca' the ewes, &c.
While waters wimple to the sea ;
While day blinks in the lift sae hie ;
Till clay-cauld death shall blind my e'e,
Ye shall be my dearie.
Ca' the ewes, &c.

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