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(162) Page 152 - Phoebus, wi' gowden crest

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(162) Page 152 - Phoebus, wi' gowden crest
Words by C. J. Finlayson. Air adapted from an old Galloway Melody.
PI103 - bus, wi' gowd - en crest, leaves o-cean's heav - ing breast, An' frae the
-• a-^ — j — E :
pur -pie east smiles on the day; Lav 'rocks wi'blythesome strain, mount frae the
7 h-
dew - y plain, Greenwood an' rock -y glen e - cho their lay; Wild flow'rs wi'
op'n -ing blooms woo il - ka breeze that comes, Scat-t'ring their rich per -fumes
^-+— f
But sum-mer's var - ied dye, lark's song, an'
breez - es' sigh, On - ly bring sor - row and sad - ness
Blighted, like autumn's leaf, ilk joy is chang'd to grief,
Day smiles around, but no pleasure can gi'e ;
Night, on his sable wings, sweet rest to nature brings —
Sleep to the weary, but waukin' to me.
Aften has warldly care wrung my sad bosom sair —
Hope's visions fled me, an ' friendships untrue ;
But a' the ills o' fate never could thus create
Anguish like parting, d3ar Annie, frae you.
Farewell those beaming eyes, stars in life's wintry side?,
Aft has adversity fled frae your ray;
Farewell that angel smile, stranger to woman's wile,
That ever could beguile sorrow away ;
Farewell ilk happy scene, wild wood an' valley green,
Where time, on rapture's wing, over us flew ;
Farewell that peace of heart thou only could'st impart —
Farewell, dear Annie ! a long, long adieu !

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