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Tlie cheerful parish-bells had rung,
With eager steps he trudg'd along,
While flow'ry garlands round him hung,
Which shepherds us'd to wear :
He tap't the window, '* Hastft, my dear/'
Jenny, impatient, cried, ' Who's there ?'
** 'Tis I, my love, and no one near,
*' Step gently down, you've nought to fear,
" With Jockey to the Fair;
'^ Step gently down," &c.
^ My dad and mammy's fast asleep,
' My brother's up, and with the sheep,
^ And will you still your promise keep,
' Which I have heard you swear ?
' And will you ever constant prove V
^' I will, by all the powers above !
*' And ne'er deceive my charming dove :
'^ Dispel those doubts, and haste, my love,
" With Jockey to the Fair;
" Dispel those doubts, &c,
*' Behold the ring,'* the shepherd cried,
'^ Will Jenny be my charming bride,
'* Let Cupid be our happy guide,
'' And Hymen meet us there/'
Then Jockey did his vows renew,
He would be constant, would he true,

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