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My heart's in the Highlands,.., 102
My love was once a boniiie lad,.... 122
My Peggy's face, my Peggy's form, 162
My mither's ay glowran o'er me,. .«.......«.,».,. 170
My daddy is a canker'd carle, ,. 196
Novr, Sandy, the winter's cauld blasts are awa, 52
Now Nature hangs her mantle green, »o..l43
Now wat ye wha I met yestreen, ddS
Oil, I am come to the low countrie, 9
O mipk, mirk is this midnight hour, 24
O Bessy Bell and Mary Gray, 62
O dinna think, bonnie lassie, * 86
O, Sandy, why leav*stthou thy Nelly to mourn, 104
O saw ye Johnny comin, quo' she, .108
O wally, wally, up yon bank, 114
O are ye sleepin', Maggie? 123
Oh ! what had I adp for to marry, 153
O whare wad bonny Annie ly ? 160
O gin my love were yon red rose^ .182
Rising o'er the heaving billow,.,.. o... ...... 118
Sweet fa's (he eve on Craigie.burn, ^.....IS
Slies fair and fause that causes my smartj,.,,,.,S'l

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