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( II* )
Johnny Codk tby Beaver. €c/str&&i*' Longways for as many as wit.
4 Fiift man and 2. wo. take left-hands and turn quite round into their places again, and the 2. wo. caft up above the 1. wo.
and go round below the 2. man while the 2. man flips up into the 1. man'splace, and the 1. man at the fame time cafts
off mto the 2. man's place, and 2. wo. caft up into the 1. wo. place, while the 1. wo. flips into the 2. wo. place; The other
cu. do the fame Figure over. This to the firfl Strain twice.
Virftand 2. men lead between the 1. and 2. we. and go the Figure, which bringsthe 1. man into the 2 man's place, and
the 2. man into the 1. man's place; theu each cu. at they now ftand change places with their own, and the two we. being
now on the men's fide, lead through the two men and go the figure, and each cu. take hands and turn their own till they
come into their places again ; The other cu- do the fame Figure over. This to tbeficond Strain twee.

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