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( i*4 )
Long-ways for as many as will.
Se~ ""£*#£} &"tl"t«t?!f;&i' vvC
The i .'man Hand in-the-wo. place, and the wo. in the man's, then firft man flip down in the middle into
the 2. wo. place, and i. wo. into the 2. man's place; then 1. mair'and 2. wo. clap hands, while the 2.
manandr. Wo. dap hands and crofs over and charigeplaces, then 2. man and i.wo. clap hands, while
the i.mahand 2. hands at the fame time, then-2. wo. change places with thei. wo. and each
clap hinds with their own, while the two men crofs over and take right and left-hands quite round
vyith your own, then lead through the middle, and calt oft* into the 2. cu. place-, the reft doing the
feme Figure.
-j^_ i , _ — ygj . ,

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