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Hey-boys up go we.
( io6)
Longways for as many as will.
honour to the Pretence, then to your we. Lead up forward and back, that again.
The j. man take his own wo. and the 2. wo, by their hands, and go round till they come into their .
own places, the 2. man ftanding ftill, then the 1. man and wo. with the 2. man do the fame, the 2.
wo. (landing ftill, then fall back and turn S. then the two men back to back, and the two we. back to
back at the fame time, then the 1. cu clap hands and caft off, the two men clap hands, on their fide,
and the two we. clap hands on the other fide 5, and fo on to the next.

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