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Young Jemmy.
C 101 )
Longways for as many as wiU.
Honour to the Prefeoce, then to your we. Lead up all forward and back, that again.
The i. man take his own wo. by the left-hand and caft off into the 2. cu. place, the man being on the wo. fide, and the wo.
on the man's, then the 1 . man take the 2. wo. by the hand and lead her betwixt the other two, each calling off round,
then into their own places, they ftanding ftill while the other two do over the fame. This ends the firft Strain pl ayed twice.
Then the men give their righthands to their own we. then their left to the next we. turning them off the fecond time,
then each man fet to his own and change places, then are you as you were at firft ; then the 1. man change places with
the 2. wo. ftanding back to back at a little diftance, then the 1. wo. and 2. man do the fame, then all four claphands, and
then take hands and go round in a ring, then back to back half, and turn your own half a turn, and fo on to the end*
This ends the lift Strum pteyed twice.
K 3

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