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,eDanCtttg^@aftgt: Containing Di reahnsjnd , unesfox Dancing
b Leaf.
£««&/ /or * many » *™.
.«. , » vr.f-v* m** ^~*ts /w£> £>£)f *V\^\t)
Presented by Lady Dorothea Ruggles-
Brise to the National Library of Scotland,
in memory of her brother, Major Lord
George Stewart Murray, Black Watch,
filled in action in France in 1914.
28(7, Januarti 1927.
*±+Mr t
iiE fe
■ , , backagainV All the men go in and meet in the middle and backa-
A gam j then the we. doas much, then thefoft cu. lead into the middle, and back again then eive
your right hand to your wo and turn her round, fo the next cu. do the fame, and fo to the laft the
.Mufic playing the fame Strain t.ll they have led in^_i Then every man gives his right hand to bL
jlm wo. and turns her once a,nd a half,and then goes on to the next, and fo till he comes to his own • *
So do all again, but leave out the firft Strain till everv Couple has begun to lead in ^
r 8 WS*%M

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