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(52) Page 24 - Scots cantata
Troth I have fung the fang to yon,
Which ne'er anither bard wad do ;
Hear then my, charitable vow,
Dear venerable Nanjy.
But if the war Id my pafnon wrang,
And fay, ye only live in fang,
Ken I defpife a Hand ring tongue.
And fing to pleafe my fancy.
Leex me on thy, &c. Q^
A SCOTS Cantata.
The Tune after an Italian Manner.
Compos" d by Signior Lorenzo Bocchi.
BLAT E Jonny faintly teld fair Jean his Mind J
Jeany took pleafure to deny him lang ;
He thought her fcorn came frae a heart unkind,
Which gart him in defpair tune up this fang.
C bonny lafiie, finee 'tis fae,
That I'm defpis'd by thee,
I hate to live ; but O I'm wae,
And unko fweer to die.
Dear Jeany, think what dovvy hours
I thole by your difdain ;
Ah ! Ihould a breail fae faft as yours,
Contain a heart of flane ?
R E C I T A T I V E.
Thefe tender notes did a* her pity move,
With melting heart me liftned to the boy ;
O*ercome fhe imil'd, and promis'd him her love :
He in return thus fang his rifing joy.

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