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(194) Page 512 - Old cheftain to his sons

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(194) Page 512 - Old cheftain to his sons
lodge of Freemasons, after his family removed to the farm of
Lochlea, in the parish of Tarbolton, Ayrshire." During this
period (says his brother Gilbert,) he became a Freemason,
which was his first introduction to the life of a boon com-
panion. Yet, notwithstanding these circumstances, and the
praises he has bestowed on Scotch drink, (which seem to
have misled his historians,) I do not recollect, during these
seven years, nor towards the end of his commencing author
(when his growing celebrity occasioned his being often in
company,) to have ever seen him intoxicated, nor was he at
all given to drinking." — Lvfe of Burns.
We shall conclude these remarks with the following mas-
terly song, to the same tune, written by Alexander Boswell
of Auchinleck, Esq. M. P. It is entitled " The old Chef-
tain to his Sons," and conclude the fourth volume of Mr
George Thomson's Collection of Scottish Songs.
Good night, and joy be wi' ye a'.
Your harmless mirth has cheer'd my heart ;
May life's fell blasts out-o'er ye blaw !
In sorrow may ye never part !
My spirit lives, but strength is gone.
The mountain fires now blaze in vain :
Remember, sons, the deeds I've done.
And in your deeds I'll live again !
When on yon muir our gallant clan,
Frae boasting foes their banners tore.
Who show'd himsel a better man.
Or fiercer wav'd the red claymore ?
But when in peace — then mark me there,
When thro' the glen the wandei-er came,
I gave him of our hardy fare,
I gave him here a welcome hame.
The auld will speak, the young maun hear.
Be canty, but be good and leal ;
Your ain ills ay hae heart to bear,
Anither's ay hae heart to feel ;
So, ere I set, I'll see you shine,
I'll see you triumph ere I fa' ;
My parting breath shall boast you mine.
Good night, and joy be wi' ye a'.
Oliver cj- Boyd, Fiinkrs.

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