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(66) Page 566 - He's dear dear to me
He*s dear d^^ar to rne ^c
Very -Slow
fair and O but I was wean- 1 thouekt upon the da^-s that are paft anc
thought upon the da;^-s that are paft and
t:t=^^^=^ i^ ^^ ^ ^ ^
gane for fee s dear dear to me tho he's far far frae me
I ve betn in the lowlands whpre the\- fnear the fhttp,
i^n' up in the highlands where the\- pu the heathe?,
I ken a bonnv ladie that ?o*es me weel,
But he's far far aw a that 1 loe far better.
But I'll write a letter; an' fend ic to him.
An tell him hes dearer to me then cm,
^n' that I've ay been fbri-_%', fen he {^af d awi',
Tho hes far far away, _) ft he's dear dear to iiif.
If winter war' paft, an the fimmer come in.
When daifies an' rofes fpring fae frefh an bonnv.
Then I will change my filfcs for a plaiddm coat.
An' avsa to the lad that is dear dear to me .
The blue bells of Scotland.
ir-ft - ^ K
^^^-^-^n^^ m
O where and O where does your highland laddie dvscll; O
A little Livel_>
TT w,
where and TJ where does jour highland lad'die dwell; He dwells in

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