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146 -T*
1 Hrf :\md \ hj, 8Cr
ri j [j i J je=fi i i f ^r r
Bv a fal_ling, chryf _ tal ftream*. Straight the fky grew
b ui^ i
black and daring; Thro' the woods the whirlwinds rave; Trees with aged
£=&-!- j I 1.) ltf\!fl ,1 Hi i
arms were war_ring, O'er the fwelling, drumlie wave
g+ruipirTT ^m
Such was my life's deceitful morning,
Such the plcafures I enjoy 'd;
But lang or noon, loud tempefts ftorming
A my flowery blifs deftroy'd.
Tho' fickle Fortune has dereivel me,
She promis'd fair, and perform'd but ill;
Of mony a joy and hope bereave! me,
I bear a heart (hall fupport me ftill.

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