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Continued .
_ low, ba_low, ba_low, ba.Iow, ba_low,-lu til- li lu.
I i SB r I f ' . ~ J ' f ^ i I J I ' l ll l "7 "
Balow, my darling, fleep a while,
And when thou wak'ft then fweetly fmile;
But fmile not as thy father did, -
To co/.en maide, nay, God forbid;
For in thine eye his look I fee,
The tempting look that ruin'd me.
Balow, balow, fee .
When he began to court my love,
And with his fugar'd words to move,
His tempting face, and flatt'ring chear,
In time to me did not appear; ,
But now I fee that cruel he
Cares neitherjibr his babe nor me.
B alow, balow, fee .
Fareweel, fareweel, thou falfeft youth
That ever kifs'd a woman's mouth;
Let never any after me
Submit unto thy courtefy:
For if they do, Ol cruel thou
Wilt her abufe, and care not how.
Balow, balow, fee .
T was too cred'lous at the firft,
To yield thee all a maiden durft;
Thou fwore for ever true to prove,
Thy faith unchang'd, unchang'd thy love;
But,quick as thought,the change is wrought
Thy love nae ir.air, thy promife nought.
Balow, balow, fee.
gin I were a maid again,
From young mens flattry I d refrain,
For now unto my grief 1 find
They all are perjur'd and unkind; .
Bewitching charms bred all my harms:
Witnefs my babe iyes in my arms.
Balow, balow, fee .
1 tak my fate from bad to worfe,
That I muft needs be now a nurfe,
And lull my young fon on my lap :
From me, fweet orphan, tak the pap:
Balow, my child, thy mother mild
Shall wail as from all blifs exiFd.
Balow, balow, fee.
Balow, mv boy, weep not for me,
Whofe greateft grief's for wrangingthe -
Nor pity her deferved fmart.
Who can blame none but her fond heart
For, too foontrufting lateft fpds,
Wth faireft tongues are falfeft minaV
Balow, balow, fee.
Balow, my boy, thy father 8 fled.
When he the thriitlefs fon hath play 'd ;
Of vows and oaths forgetful, he
Preferr'd the wars to thee and me .
But now, perhaps, thy curie and mine
Make him eat acorns with the fwine.
Balow, balow, fee.
.But curfe not him; perhaps now he.
Stung with remorfe, is,blefsing thee:
Perhaps at death; for who can tell,
Whether the Judge of hea\cn~fe hell.
Byfome proud foe, has (truck the blow
And laid the dear deceiver low.
Balow, balow, fee.
1 wifh I were into the bounds
Where he lyes fmotherc! in his wounds
Repeating, as he pants for air,
My name, whom once he caU'd his fair,-
,No woman's yet fo f i erCelv fet,
But fhe'll forgive, though not forget.
B'ajow, balow, fee. '<■
IfUincn lacks, for ny love's fake,
Then quickly to him would Tmake
My finock once for his body nteet,
*\nd wrap him in that wind ing-fheet.
Ah me! how happy had I been,
If he had ne'er been wrapt therein.
Balow, balow, &c. *
Balow, my boy, I'll weep for thee :
Too foon, alake, thou It weep for me:
Th\ griefs are growing to a furn;
God grant thee patience when they-
Bornto fufbunthy^iothersfhame^rr.Ti.f
A haplefs fate, a baftards name.
Balow, balow, fee.

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