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(42) Page 131 - Braw, braw lads of Galla-water

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(42) Page 131 - Braw, braw lads of Galla-water
i 31
Braw, braw lads of Galla- water.
A L fr

Braw, bi-aw lads of Galla wa_1er,* Ol braw tads of
Sae fair her hair, fae brent her brow,
Sae bonny blue her een, my dearie;
Sat white her teeth, fae fweet her mou'
The mair T kifs, file's ay my dearie.
OVr yon bank, and o'er y on brae,
O'er yon ir.ofs amang the heather;
I'll kilt my coat aboon my knee.
And follow my love thro' the water.
Down amang the broom, the broom,
Down amang the broom, my dearie.
The laflie loft a filken fnood,
That coft her monv a blirt and bleary-
Same Tune.
VTO repofe can I difcover
lAI Nor find joy without my lover;
Can I ftay when fhe's not near me;
Cruel fates i once deign to hear me-
The charms of grandeur don't decoy me
Fair Eli/a muft enjoy me;
My crown and fceptre I refign,
The fhepherd's life fhall ftill be mine
• ifr. .tjt. .Tfr. .9fr«.7|r« .tPt.-tIc. • , ?fr«.?w. .^Ir. .afc". ,7fS".«"3fr,»7fc% .*?(?■„ .t^t. .TOr,,*?!?", -Tlr. .tf; «t!t. »■?!£*. i^lr. .3?r. ."*r. .^fr. ,i^, t iw» •^W^•*fc ,
The Young Mans Dream.
$ g ff\i i ^ Hp
] Qf\ <*#, "Ope night I dream'd I lay* moft rafy, By a murm'ring
Slow •*-" "■
i *g
rivers fide. Whew lovely banks v\cre fpread with daifies.Attd the ftreaiffli
■:->» — ♦— *
f W'U' V'J
5~H —

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