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(48) Page 36 - May-eve, or Kate of Aberdeen

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(48) Page 36 - May-eve, or Kate of Aberdeen
Mav-eve, or Kate of Aberdeen.
The filver moons en _ amour cl beams^ Steal through
• —
t night, To wanton in the winding ftreams, And kifs re fleet _ ed
J J J I J U U <k
light. To courts, begone! heart {bothing fieep, where you \e fo fel-dom i
-<(- been, Whilft I Mays wakeful vigil keep, With Kate of Aber _deen, With,
-0 , t
The Nvmphs and Swains, expectant, wait
fn primrol'e-,chaplets gay,
Till morn unbars her golden gate,
And gives the prornis'd May.
The Nymphs and Swains (hall all declare
The promis *d May, when feen,
Not half fo fragrant, half fo fair,
As Kate of Aberdeen.
FU tune my pipe to playful notes,
And roi> \on nodding grove,
fill new-wak'd birds diftend their throats,
And hail th? maid I" love.
At her approach, the lark miftakes,
And quits the new-drefs'd green:
Fond bird! 'tis not the morning break
'Tis Kate of Aberdeen! «
Now blithfome o'er the dewy mead},
Where elves difportive play,
The feftal dance young fhf pher^fs lead
Or fing their love-tun'd lavC
Till May, in morning robe, draws nigl
And claims a virgin Queen;
The Nymphs and Swains, exulting, cry,
Here's Kate of Aberdeen!

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