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arrows here, Venus nor Cupid fliall appear, & vet with thefe fine founds,ITwt ar,The
4^' Nancy, Auld fpringsw-ad ding the new,* But ye wad ne\tr trpw me
Nor fnaw with crimfonwill T mix,
To fpread upon my laffie's cheeks;
And fyne tti- unmeaning name prefix,
Miranda, Chloe, or Phillis.
I'll fetch nae fimile frae Jove,
My hight of ecftafy to prove,
Nor fighing — thus — prefent my love
With rofes eke and lilies.
I was ay telling you, &c.
But ftay, — I had amaift forgot
My miftrefs,and my fangvto boot,
And that's an unco' faut,I wot;
But,Nanfy, tis nae matter.
Ye fee I clink my verfe wi' rhyme,
And ken ye, that atones the crime;
Forby, how fweet my numbers chyme,
And flide away like water.
I'Vas ay telling you, &c.
Now ken, my revrend fonfv fair,
Thy runkled cheeks, and lyrat hair,
Thy half fhuteen,and hodling air,
Are a' my paffions fewel.-
Nae fkyring gowk, my dear, can fee,
Or love, or grace ,„or heaven in the* •;
Yet thou haft charms anew for me;
Then fmile, and be na cruel.
Leez me on thy fnawy pow,
Lucky Nancy, Lucky Nancy!
Dryeft wood will eitheit low,
And, Nancy, fae will ye now.
Troth,! have Tung the fang to, you,
Which ne'er antther bard wad do;
Hear then my charitable vow,
Dear venerable Nancy!
But if the warld my pafsion wrang,
And fay ye only live_in fang,
Ken,t defpife a fland'ring^oneue.
And fing to pleafe my fancy.
Lee/ me on- thy fee.

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