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The Gentle Swain
Tune Johnnys gray Breeks.
QV"*^ ' Nowfmiling Spring a-gain appears, with all the beauties of her train,]
Ye Nymphs,OhI lead rne thro' the Grove,
Thro' which your ftreanis in filence mourn;
There with my Johnny let me rove,
'Till once his fleecy flocks return;
Young Johnny is my Gentle Swain,
That fweetlv pipes along the mead,
So Toon's the lambkinsMiear his ftrain,
With eager fteps they turn in fpeed .
The Flocks now all in fporfive play,
Come frifking round the piping rwain,
Then fearful of too long delay,
Run bleating to. their Dams again,
■ Within the frefh green Myrtle Grove,
The feather 'd choir in rapture fing,
And fweetlv warble forth their love,
To welcome the returning Spring.
Same Tune
TEN NY S heart was frank and free,
^| And wooers fhe had mony yet,
Her fang was ayeVOf a* 1 1 fee,
"' mend me tp iriv Johnie vet.
For air and late, he has fie gate
To mak a body cheary,that
I wifh to be,before I die,
His ain kind dearv yet.
Now Jenny s face was £u o 1 grace,
Her fhape was fiha' and genty-like,
And few r or nane in a' the place
Had gowd and gear mair plentv yet; ,
Tho' war's alarms, and Johnie"s charntt
Had gart her aft look eerie, yet
She liing wi'glee^ I hope to "Tbe
"My Johnie's ain kind Deary vet:
JWhat tho he s now gaen far awa,
"Where guns and cannons rattle, yet,
"Unlefs my Johnie chance to fa" 1
"Tn fbme uncanny battle, vet
'Till he return, his breaft will burn
^Wr love that will confound me yet,,
"For I hope to fee, before I die~
"His Bairns- a' dance around me yet.

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