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(39) Page 27 - Leander on the bay
Then cafting round his eyes,,
Thus of his fate he did complain,
Ye cruel rocks, and fkies;
Ye ftormy winds, and angry main,
What 'tis to m'ifs
The lovers blifs,
Alas! ye do not know;
Make- me your wreck
As T come back,
But {pare me as Igo.
Loi yonder ftands the tower
Where my beloved Hero lies, >
And this is the appointed hour
Which fets to watch her longing eyes.
To his fond fuit
The god 8 were mute;
The billows anfwer, No;
Up to the fkies
The furges rife,
But fink the youth as low.
Meanwhile the wifhing maid,
Divided 'twixt- her care and love,
Now does his ftay upbraid; _
Now dreads he fhou'd the paffage prove:
fate! faid fhe,
Nor heaven,nor thee,
Our vows fhall e'er divide.
I'd leap this wall,
Cou'd I but fall
By my Leander's fide.
At length the riling fun
Did to her fight reveal too late,
That Hero was undone;
Not by Leander's fault, but fate .
Said fhe, I'll fhew,
' Tho'we are two.
Our love? s were ever one-;
This proof I'll give,
1 will not live.
Nor fhall he die alone. -
Down from the wall fhe leapt
Into the raging feas to him,
Courting each wave fhe met,
To teach her wearv'darms to fwini;
The fea-gods wept,
Nor longer kept
Her from her lovtr's fide.
When join'd at laft,
She grafp'd him faft,
Then figh*d,fmbrac'd,and dy'd.

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