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Anld iarifcj fyne
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, Tho' they return with
rk, Welcome, my "Varo, to my breaft, Thy arms a- bout me twine, And
make me once a _ gain as bleft, As I was- lang fyne
Methinks around us on each bough
A thoufand Cupids play,
VVhil ft through the groves I .walk with
Fach object makes me gay:" fyou,
Since your return, the fun and moon
_ With brigheT beams do fhine,
Streams murmur foft notes while they
An they did lang fyne. frun,
Defpife the court and din of ftaie;
Let that to their Chare fall,
VVho can efteem fuch ftavery great,
While bounded .like a ball:
But tunk in love, upon mv arms
Let your brave hrad recline)
We tS pleafp Outfelves withmutu.U charms,
As we dial lang fyne.
O er moor and dale with your gay frient
You may purfue the chace,
And, after a hlyth bottle, end
All cares in my embracer
And, in a vacant rainy dry,
- You fhall be wholly mine;
We'll make the hours run fmooth away,
And laugh at lang; fyne.
The hero, pleas cl with the fweet air,
The figns of gen'rous love,
Which had been utter 'd by the fair,
Bowd to the pow'rs above;
Next day, with glnd confe^t and hafte,"
Th' approach'd the facred fhrine;
Where the good prieft the couple bleft
And put them out of pine.

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