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— « «> * # :.:< " Jp ~« « +--, "
fal lal lal lal Is! lal lal lal fal lal lal lal lal lal.
Pirft when her to the Law lands came,
Nainfell was driving :cfs, man:
There was nae laws about him's n _,
About the preeks or trews, man.
Nainfell did wear the philabeg,
The plaid prick't On her ihoulder;
The giiid claymore hung pe her pelt,
The piftol fharg'd wi' pouder.
But for wheraa thefe curfed preeks,
Wherewith her n _ be lockit,
O hon! that e'er fhe faw the day!
For a' her houghs be prokit.
Every t ing in te Highlands now
Pe turn't to alteration;
The fodger dwall at our toor-fheek,
And tat s te great vexation.
Scotland b§ turnt a Ningland now,
An* laws pring on te cadger}
Nainfell wad d uric him for her deeds,
But oh! fhe fears te foger.
Anither law came after that,
Me never faw te like, nsn;
They mak ? * an J? r oad on te >_.-und,
And r.a' him Tirnimfpike, man ,
An wowlQie pe a ponny road,
Like Louden corn-rigs, man;
Where twa carts may gang on her,
An' no preak ithers leg.?, man.
Thej" fharge a penny for ilka horfe,
In troth, {he'll no pe fheaper.
For nought put gaen upo' the crund,
And they gie roe a paper.
Nae doubts, Nainfell maun tra her purfe
- And pay .them what hims like, man: ,
I'll fee a fflugement on his toor;
T'at filthy Turnimfpike, man!
But I'll awa' to te Highland hills,
Where te'il a ane dare turn her,
And no come near her Turnimfpike,
Unlefs it pe to purn her.

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