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Heaven ftiJJ guard,and love rew-iid Our lav^iand . litis &. her highland laddie!
[I were free at will to ehirle,
To be the wealthiest lawland lady,
take young Donald without trews,
IfWith bonnet blew, and belted plaidy.
O my bonny, &c.
P* braweft beau ir burrow's -town,
In a' his airs, with art made ready,
mpar'd to him he's but a clown;
Kirs finer far in's tartan plaidy.
O my bonny, fee.
r bentv hill with him I'll run,
And leave my lawland kin and dady,
ae winter's cauld,and fnmmers fun,
le'llfcreen me with his highland plaidy.
O my bonny, ACc.
A painted room, and filken bed.
May pleafe a lawland laird and jlady;.
But I can kifs,and be as glad,
Behind a bufh ins highland plaidy.
O my bonny, Sic.
Few compliments between us pafs,
I ca' him my dear highland laddie, .
And he era's me his lawland lafs,
_Syne_rows me in beneath his pkidie.-
O my bonny, &c.
Kie greater Joy I'll e ex prjetend,*
Than-that "his love prove 'ice and fteadj
Like mine to him, which T : erfhall end, .
While heaven preferves i ,\ highland laddie.
O my bonny, fco.
-;I">HE lawland maids gang trig and fine,
±L But aft: they're four and unco fawcy;
ie proud, they never can be kind
Like my good-humour'd highland laflie.
O my bonny, bonny highland laffie,
Mv hearts- finding highland laffie,
May never care make thee lefs fair,
But bloom of youth ftill blefs my laffie.
z ban onv lafs in burrows - town,
; i Wha mak their cheeks with patches mottie,
_ 1 take myJCaty but a gown,
5 Bare-foc^ed in her little coatie.
^ O my bonny, &c.
;neath the brier, or bi-ecken bufh,
k Whene'er I kifs and court my dawtie;
5 -tppy and blyth as ane wad wifh,
My flighteren heart gangs pittie pattie.
O mv bonny, &c.
O'er higheft hethery hills I'll f-ci,
With cockit gun and ratrhes fenty,
To drive the deer out of fne'r den,
To feaft my lafs on difhes dainty.
O rny bonny &c,
There's nane fhall da< In deed or word,
'GJainft her to wag a tongue or finger,
While I can wield my trufih fwofd,
Or frae my fide whif!< out a whingef.
O my bonny &c.
The mountains clad villi purple. bloom, _
And berries ripe,tmite rrv treafure
To range with me; let great fowk. gloom,
While wealth & pridet (•ntb<'nd their pleafun
O my bonny, bonny bighjandxlaffig.
My lovely fmiling highland laffie,.''
May never care make thee lefs fur,
But bloom of youth ftill blefs my hdfie.
^ ■ —
From the Duenna. Same Tune.
So mild jx)ur look? •.*, : .:' -en thence,
Will early learn the tsfk ■>' dutv,
The. Boys. 'with all theh Faih ■ ■' ■ fenfe,
The. f-Jirls with all their moth* r's beauty,
O how charming to inherit ,
~. At onf fuch graces and fin h fpirit,
Thus white ;. ou li\e may fortune give,
tlureo Earh blefeing equal to your merit!
p. fiire a pair was never feen
So juftly fbrm'd to meet by nature.
he youth excelling fo in mien,
The maid in ev'ry graceful feature.
thow happy, , are fuch lovers,
/Then kindred beauties each difcovers!
■it fu rely fhe was made for thee
And thou to blefs this < harmin

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