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IV Lafs of Peaty 's 'Mill.
tedding of the hay, Bare -head -ed on ■ the . green. Lore midit her
Her arms ,- white round and fmooth,
Breafts rifing in their dawn,
To age it would give youth,
To prefs them with his hand;
Through all my fpirits ran
An ecftacy of blifs,
When I fuch'lweetnefs fand,
Wrapt in a balmy kifs .
Without the. help of art,
Like flowrs which grace the wild,
She did her fweets impart,
Whene'er fhe fpoke,or fmil'd.
Her looks, they were fo mild,
Free from affected pride,
She me to love beguild;
I wifVd her for my bride . .
Olhad I all that wealth
Hop etounY high mountains fill,
TnYur'd long life and health,
And pleafmr " at my will,"
I'd promife and fulfil;
That none bur bonny fhe,
The lafs of Peaty s mill,
Shoucl (hare th*- fame with me.

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