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The Happv Marriage.
<? •' How bleft has my time been! what joys have I known, Since wedlot ks fb:
^^irJ-^ fe ^^^
<^ bondage made 3eHV my own. So iovfull my heart is, fo ea-ftr my
U aLSfc ? — > '^- ir-^-^r r* V , o — ~hq
*V chain,That freedom' is tafteiefs, and roving^ a pain.
Thro* walks grown with woodbines, as often we ft ray.
Around us our hoys and girls frolic and play:
How plealing their (port is! the wanton ofies fee,
And borrow their looks from my Jeffy and me.
To try her fweet temper, oft-times ' am I feen,
In revels alt day with the nymphs on- the green:
Tho' pamfu my abfence, my doubts (he beguiles.
And meets me at night with complacence and ImiteS-.
What tho on her cheeks the rofe lofes its hue,
Her wit and good humour bloom all the ytogt thro*
Time ftill,as he flies, adds incresde to her truth,
"Srid gives to her mind' what he fteals from her youth.
Ye fo.epherds fo gay, who make love to enfnare,
And -'heat, with fa lie vows* the too credulous Fair;
In fearch of ffae. pleafiire, how vainly 1 >nu roam!
To hold it for life, you miift find it at home.

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