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(30) Page 18 - Lass of Livingston
1 he Lafs af Livingfton
^— ■ — *=
* i~ — ^- *~
. / -^*" Patn'd with her flighting Jamies love, Bell dropt a tear-Bell
fp |^|^^ ^
-» * — |rr
dropt & tear, The gods defcsnded from a_bove,well pleas 'd to hear*, well
pleas d to hear.The\ heard tile praifes of the youth fro m herov\ntongue,fromherov!
-0 § a •
F* 1
tongue,VVho new converted w*s to truth,and thus fhe fung,& thus fhe lung,
Blets'd days when our ingenious fex,
More frank and kind -more frank and kind,
Did not their lov'd adorers vex;
Rut fpoke their mind-but fpoke their mind.
R-penting now, fhe promis'd fair,
Wouq he return -wouc! he return,
She ne'er again wou'd give him care,
' )t caufe. him mourn-or caufehiic mourn,
Ye Fair, while beautvs in its fprinffi
Own your defire-own your defire.
While loves young pewr with his {oft win,£ %
Fans up the fire -fans up the fire;
O do not with a filly pride,
Or low defign -or low defign,
Refufe to be a happy bride,
But anfwer plain -but anfwer' plain
Why took Ipleafure to torment,
\nd feem too coy -and' feem *no cov
Which m ikes me now, alas; lament
' erhted joy- my flighted joy!
Some god had led him to the g;rove
His mind unchang'd -his mind i.nchang
Flew to her arms, and crv'd, Mv lo\e,J
1 am revengVj-I am v , n^'j.

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