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i J
The Flowers of Edinburgh,
Defpair and anguifh fill my breaft,
Since I have loft my blooming rofe;
1 figh and moan while others reft,
His abfence yields me no repofe.
To feek my love T'H range and rove,
Thro' ev'ry grove and diftant plain;
Thus I'll ne'er ce ale, but fpend my days,
T hear tidings from my darling fw/ain,
Kind Neptune, let me. thee intreat,
To fend a fair and pleafant gale;
Ye dolphins fweet, upon ire wait.
And convey me on your tail.
Heavens blefs my \oyag»- with fuc-efs,
While eroding of the raging main,
And fend me fafe o'er to that diJtanr iliore
To meet my lovely darling fwain.
There's nothing ftrange in Nature's change, All joy and mirth at our return
*!mt' parents J)ie w fiich cruelty; Shall then abound from Tweed to Tay;
Thev caus'd my love from me to range, The, bells fiiall ring, and fweet birds final
And know not to what deftiny. . To grace and crown our nuptial day.
Th( pretty kids and te-nder lambs Thus blefs'd with, charms in my love's arn
Way of-afc to fport upon the plain; My heart once more I will regain:
I U iuMurii and lament, in deep difcontent,Then I'M range no more to a diftant fhorj
ror th* abfenqe of my darling fwamJ But in love will enjoy nr darling fwai

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